welcome to nu-Alliance

We strive to deliver the highest standards in logistics management by integrating Air, Sea, Road and Warehousing capabilities

Company Profile

This company was created with a very unique Vision and Culture.

The name, “Nu-Alliance”, was created from two words “Nu” and “Alliance”. The former refers to “naked” in French and the latter is a reference to the bond or connection between families, partners, parties or individuals. Taken together, Nu-Alliance points to an open and sincere relationship with our partners. With this, we will be able to forge an excellent and efficient worldwide network alliance for all our clients’ logistics requirements.

Our Vision is to become the most reliable, consistent and efficient provide of urgent logistics solutions.

Our Culture is based on the Integrity, Commitment, and Passion of its people to provide the client with the highest level of time-definite services tailored to their individual needs.

Nu-Alliance Pte Ltd is a member of Singapore Logistics Association (SLA), FIATA & Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry. All business transactions are done in accordance to Standard Trading Conditions; which can be downloaded at https://www.sla.org.sg/hive/resources/hive-1.0/sla/sla2.0/images/pdf/SLA%20Standard%20Trading%20Conditions.pdf